Two Members of Rock Band The Foshays Plan to Watch the VMA’s

Everybody knows MTV gave up on Rock and Roll a long time ago, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to phase The Foshays lead singer and drummer, Harry Blessing and Freddy Foshay. “Oh, I can’t stand MTV! Their programming is the worst!!! But I dig the pop spectacle of the VMA’s I really do man!” states Blessing. Foshay chimes in “Yeah! It’s like being on a weird fame planet, where everybody is famous, knows someone who is famous, or works for somebody who is famous! That’s cool!” Okay guys, but what about the music? When asked, Freddy was a little defensive  “MTV plays music?! No way! Yer pulling my leg! If this is a set up you’ll be hearing from my lawyer!” Harry also seemed confused about Music Televisions playlist, “Oh! those we’re videos? I thought they were iPhone commercials! God I feel stupid…By the way, do you know who’s up for best iPhone commercial this year?” A more confidant Freddy Foshay rebounds “Listen, we may not be as hip as your average 14-16 year old girl, but one day The Foshays will do our own iPhone commercial and show them all!” Unfortunately the two bandmates were too busy hooting and high-fiving each other for further comment.

The Foshays VMA's

Watch the VMA’s Monday August 20, 8/7c