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BiL Sherman: Artist, designer, musician, and cartoonist. Born, raised, lives and works in Minneapolis Minnesota.

The Foshays

Yes it’s true! The number 1 Minneapolis cartoon rock band, The Foshays, first album, Not So Now, is finally online for your approval. When asked about the delay, lead guitarist and songwriter Franky Foshay commented “We wanted to wait for the right moment so the album could make the most impact. Also The Gorillaz just put out an album had the word ‘Now’ in it as well, and we didn’t want to be upstaged by another cartoon act. Yes, I received constant death threats from other bandmates, but in the end I think it was worth it.” What can one expect from this collection of 13 songs. Lead singer/gutarist and keyboard player Harry Blessing had this to say about Not So Now’s sound ”It’s rock and roll the way it’s meant to be played, fast, fun, catchy, no song over three minutes, no ballads, no bullshit!” Drummer Freddy Foshay chimes in “We do everything that every band wants to do but can’t! How do I know this? Just look around! Where’s the Rock and Roll these days? Nowhere but here baby!” Bass man Joey Miece is a tad more subdued “It’s got a great beat and you can dance to it, that’s for sure.” Well decide for yourself why Not So Now is one of the best albums of all time. Check them out on Soundcloud and Bandcamp today.

Joey talks about banana bread

So you’re going to make banana bread, huh? Really!? Oh, Ok I guess that’s why there’s a pile of charcoal black bananas taking up the glut of the freezer. That’s neat! Oh and make sure you use that open bag of walnuts that’s been smushed behind the cereal boxes for the past few months, mmm I love that slightly rancid stale aftertaste. Oh! and pretty please can you bake every loaf in an inconsistent way? My favorite is when it’s burt just a little so you can justify trying to eat it, but you instantly regret doing so. What? you changed your mind and your not going to make banana bread? Hope it wasn’t something I said.

After 4 years of painfully inane divisive politicking from the right wing, and one week after our capital was attacked by a bunch of bat-shit crazy QAnon racist thugs, the Republicans in congress want to debate the finer points of unity. Whining about “cancel culture” as if they have ever shown respect for any culture other than their own over the past decades. Once again, they are trying to put the blame on the Democrats for their failings. Feigning indignation, and clutching their pearls in horror, they claim impeachment is going too far, when their lack of action in the prior weeks, months, and years caused these stupid fascists to riot in the first place. Their lives were threatened by a Trump coup, and they’re are still licking the Presidents boots. At best it’s dip-shitery, at worst it’s treason. These people should not be trusted with any political power at all. Call it “cancel culture” if you want, but some cultures need to be cancelled.

Did you know that the most annoying, frustrating, banal, unromantic expense for a garage rocker are cords? Cheap cords are cheap, and expensive cords are, well, really expensive. If you play with pedals, you’ll need a lot of them. If you record your band live, you’re gonna need a lot more. If unattended, cords will get under foot and/or around legs, arms or any other body part that happens to be flailing about the rehearsal space. Luckily for us The Foshays are masters at navigating through this hell with their box of old cords and plenty of useless body parts to get tangled in the hairy nest that is the rock n roll “studio.”

Hey Hey We're The Foshays

The Foshays have been under a lot of stress lately. With the threat of Covid-19, and fascist regimes looming in our government, it’s hard to take seriously a not-so-serious outfit like a cartoon garage rock band. Trust me when I say “They get it!” Even though cartoon characters can’t technically catch Covid, and setting fire to political enemies in a comic panel isn’t really attempted murder, The Foshays know what it’s not like to be heard(Ha-ha!) Hear them now, check out The Foshays latest single “Get Me to Normal”

We left The Foshays last year in a pre-Covid world. They just released their first EP (available in the shop,) and the future looked bright for this underground pop rock unit. Unfortunately because of the creators personal issues,(stated in the previous post below) The Foshays had no choice but “to leave them wanting more.” Now that they are back in action, and they are definitely looking to give some more to anyone who want’s it. But the philosophy of this comic strip is closer to “trying less is better.” So after some very long meetings with all relevant parties filled with productive meaningful thoughtful thoughts we promise The Foshays will try less at bringing you more!

Note from BiL : It’s been close to a year since I posted on this site. Before Covid-19 hit I was dealing with a few medical issues as well as throwing the first CRUMBLING HEIGHTS party(more on that later.) When Covid hit I found myself without a band to rehearse, which left me with and a lot of free time. My social life, like everybody else dwindled. Even though I had the time to work on The Foshays, I reveled in the break from the music/creative grind I had built up for many years. I took a job illustrating a children’s book over the summer, and house projects loomed large. Even though The Foshays did not get much love, a new music project has developed from this time off(more on that later.) The bottomline is, I’m ready to refocus my energies on The Foshays, and continue telling this story I love so much. This week we’re just getting a few things off our chest, we’ll try to be funny next week. Wear a mask, be safe, and VOTE!

Harry watching viceland

With all of the holiday hub-a-doo all about Harry Blessing took the day off for some old fashioned 1990’s style basic cable binge watching. After ten and a half hours of Viceland, The Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, and The Science Channel he is starting get a little confused. Hopefully his bandmates can pull him back from the brink with a bag of candy and a rockin’ rousing rehearsal!

Such is your life

With 2019 coming to a close and the streets of Minneapolis are covered with ice and snow. The Foshays are taking stock and getting ready for more ice and snow in 2020.

To be honest

To be honest, The Foshays have had up to here with “honesty.” To be honest, outside of the facts, isn’t honesty (sometimes) just another form of “feeling?” To be honest who cares what anybody really feels anyways? To be honest, I have to ask “Why?” To be honest, I think it’s all a bunch of silly opinions/lies. So congratulations for being “honest” and to be honest, this is just another honest opinion, swirling down the rabbit hole… be honest….