The Foshays Make Cancel Culture Cool Again

After 4 years of painfully inane divisive politicking from the right wing, and one week after our capital was attacked by a bunch of bat-shit crazy QAnon racist thugs, the Republicans in congress want to debate the finer points of unity. Whining about “cancel culture” as if they have ever shown respect for any culture other than their own over the past decades. Once again, they are trying to put the blame on the Democrats for their failings. Feigning indignation, and clutching their pearls in horror, they claim impeachment is going too far, when their lack of action in the prior weeks, months, and years caused these stupid fascists to riot in the first place. Their lives were threatened by a Trump coup, and they’re are still licking the Presidents boots. At best it’s dip-shitery, at worst it’s treason. These people should not be trusted with any political power at all. Call it “cancel culture” if you want, but some cultures need to be cancelled.