The Foshays Last Rehearsal Goes a Little Long

Yes it’s official! The last Foshay rehearsal went on little late Wednesday night. When questioned about how this snaffu occurred, Franky Foshay was a little defensive “Hey don’t look at me! I know all our songs and I saw no need to keep working after our pretermined scheduled time. Just because my fellow band mates couldn’t stop rocking doesn’t mean anything. In fact it’s probably a good thing!” Brother and band mate Freddy Foshay has a different take on the evening “I’m not into unbridled enthusiasm with out my approval, and after all I had a date with a drive thru window and my super burrito doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” Unfortunately Harry Blessing and Joey Miece could not be found for comment. Rumor has it they are still in the studio working on a new stage show that will involve a lot of pyrotechnics.

It’s time to go