The Foshays Off Hiatus

Note from BiL : It’s been close to a year since I posted on this site. Before Covid-19 hit I was dealing with a few medical issues as well as throwing the first CRUMBLING HEIGHTS party(more on that later.) When Covid hit I found myself without a band to rehearse, which left me with and a lot of free time. My social life, like everybody else dwindled. Even though I had the time to work on The Foshays, I reveled in the break from the music/creative grind I had built up for many years. I took a job illustrating a children’s book over the summer, and house projects loomed large. Even though The Foshays did not get much love, a new music project has developed from this time off(more on that later.) The bottomline is, I’m ready to refocus my energies on The Foshays, and continue telling this story I love so much. This week we’re just getting a few things off our chest, we’ll try to be funny next week. Wear a mask, be safe, and VOTE!