The Band

The Foshays Band Bios

Franky Foshay

Lead Guitar, songwriter, and default leader of the group. Both a songwriting mechanic and poet Franky Foshay keeps the narrative of the music, as well as the bands message on point. “I like bubblegum and early metal, you know the basics.” His bro Freddy often stands in opposition to his creative needs but Franky can cope. When asked about their relationship Franky said  “Freddy is an idiot, he may be a great drummer but he needs this band as much as any of us!” Wow that was intense! What really gets Franky going is process “I like to tell a story from beginning to end, and my brother, Freddy Foshay, is an idiot!”

Freddy Foshay

Drums and overall bitchin’ bad ass of the band, nothing holds Freddy Foshay back. “So what if I got something to say, it’s a free country… last I heard!” Part live drum machine, part Tommy Lee he’s a force to be contended within the group. “My brother’s an idiot, so what if he has written a song or two. Everybody knows that the best part of the band is the rhythm section and I am the best part of the rhythm section.” One thing for sure Freddy knows what he likes “It’s not my fault I have a taste for the finer things in life, all I know is Bite Squad better get my Big Mac, large fries, and vanilla shake here soon, I’m hungry dammit!”

Joey Miece

Bass and the philosophical slacker of the bunch, The Foshays was his first band but Joey soon caught on “They said learn the songs by tomorrow or your out of the band.” Luckily for us that didn’t deter Joey “At first I was like ‘Whoa! that’s a lot of songs!’ but then after listening to them a few times I realized how stupid simple they were and I was done before dinner time.”  When asked about his influences Joey couldn’t be more emphatic “Groove, grooves it’s all about groove!”

Harry Blessing

Lead vocals, keys, rhythm guitar, and song writer.  High energy low concept, Harry loves to entertain “it just really gets me off when I’m on stage playing playing Rock and Roll for an audience, it’s like our bodies our one!” Ok! That was kinda awkward. As a songwriter Harrys influences are less serious and more Pop. “Franky is like Bubblegum and metal and I’m like psychedelic and glam. I know, total worlds apart right! but we make it work.” Where does Harry think The Foshays will be in 20 years? “ in the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame of course. I’m sure they will allow cartoon bands in by then.”