Franky Foshay has Issues with Saturday Night

Over the past few weeks reports have been coming in that Franky Foshay, guitarist and defacto leader of the rock band The Foshays, is sick of going out. Brother, and drummer extraordinaire, Freddy Foshay has a few thoughts on why his sibling is acting the loner these days, “Franky has always been an overly sensitive dip-wad. He’s probably mad because he’s having a ‘bad mustache day’ or something.” Harry Blessing, lead singer and co songwriter has a different take on Franky absence from the scene “It’s true Franky can be the sensitive type but don’t count him out yet! After all he owes me five dollars and he knows I really really really need it, so I’m sure I’ll see him soon. You think?” So far Franky has not been available for comment, but we’ve left several messages on his voice mail.

Frank Foshay says “I’ll go if it’s not a big deal but it’s a big deal I’m not going”