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Hey Hey We're The Foshays

The Foshays have been under a lot of stress lately. With the threat of Covid-19, and fascist regimes looming in our government, it’s hard to take seriously a not-so-serious outfit like a cartoon garage rock band. Trust me when I say “They get it!” Even though cartoon characters can’t technically catch Covid, and setting fire to political enemies in a comic panel isn’t really attempted murder, The Foshays know what it’s not like to be heard(Ha-ha!) Hear them now, check out The Foshays latest single “Get Me to Normal”

We left The Foshays last year in a pre-Covid world. They just released their first EP (available in the shop,) and the future looked bright for this underground pop rock unit. Unfortunately because of the creators personal issues,(stated in the previous post below) The Foshays had no choice but “to leave them wanting more.” Now that they are back in action, and they are definitely looking to give some more to anyone who want’s it. But the philosophy of this comic strip is closer to “trying less is better.” So after some very long meetings with all relevant parties filled with productive meaningful thoughtful thoughts we promise The Foshays will try less at bringing you more!

Harry watching viceland

With all of the holiday hub-a-doo all about Harry Blessing took the day off for some old fashioned 1990’s style basic cable binge watching. After ten and a half hours of Viceland, The Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, and The Science Channel he is starting get a little confused. Hopefully his bandmates can pull him back from the brink with a bag of candy and a rockin’ rousing rehearsal!

Such is your life

With 2019 coming to a close and the streets of Minneapolis are covered with ice and snow. The Foshays are taking stock and getting ready for more ice and snow in 2020.

He may be cocky, he may be curt, he may be a self serving dingleberry but when the chips are down Freddy Foshay is maybe your guy. Whether he’s on time, or late, he’s aggressively so, and if he’s ever questioned on his lack of propriety he always has the best excuses to soothe his band mates trivial concerns.

That's what she said

Rumors have it that fab boy drummer Freddy Foshay actually said “That’s what she said!” before The Foshays were scheduled to rehearse the other night. When questioned about why he would repeat such an ungraceful overused pathetic attempt at wordplay Freddy Foshay denied uttering the phrase “GROSS!!! No way in hell would I ever say that! When I am at band practice I’m all business. In fact I move at the speed of business! That’s why I’m on my phone all the time!” But, brother from the same mother, Freddy Foshay, remembers the conversation differently. “Harry stated he needed to tune his guitar and Freddy just blurt it out at the top of his lungs! I’m not saying ‘she’ couldn’t have said that, but it’s not very funny or informative because we don’t know who ‘she’ is!” In fact, sources say the line was so misplaced, the awkward silence made rehearsal start 12 minutes later than normal.

Let’s face it, pop music is confusing. Hip-hop is boring, and alternative music is just plain stupid. Country music sounds more like rap music these days, and rap music is played in dentist offices across the country. EDM is still the same pile of crap it’s always been. Rock is a lonely zombie wondering the forest, looking for teenage brains to devour, but none can be found. Have no fear! The Foshays First EP is now available in local record stores in the Rock n Roll capital of the universe, Minneapolis, MN. They may not have seven members, and their dance moves are anything but synchronized, but they play Rock n Roll Baby!… That is too say it’s more “rock,” than “rock and roll” per se. Really it’s more like garage rock with a little bit of glam, and bubble gum, with a touch of synth based new wave. And I wouldn’t really called it “punk” but it has a bit of a punk ethos. That’s not too confusing, is it?

Buy The Foshays First EP at Roadrunner Records, Hymies Records, Cheapo, Electric Fetus, Barely Brothers, and Agharta Records. Or buy it online RIGHT HERE!!!

The Foshays and frozen pizza

Watch out frozen pizza companies, The Foshays have your number, and like the headline reads, they are hungry! Too many hours rehearsing and many months in the recording studio can make a rock band more crazy than a boiled hamster sandwich. So if you think you can skimp on the pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and green peppers, you got another thing coming! The Foshays will write a top ten hit about your lack of toppings, watered down sauce, and chewy mealy crust! and that’ll show you!

Foshay Comic

It’s been a long road for The Foshays. Even though they are the #1 underground cartoon rock band in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, they still have to deal with all same issues actual bands have to deal with. Endless rehearsals and recording sessions, YouTube video shoots, online promotion, the pressure of PACKING A CLUB!!! All for what? Lead guitarist and songwriter Franky Foshay emphatically explains “Toiling in obscurity makes a good band great, and were already great, so all this effort will make us AWESOME!” Bass dude Joey Miece has a more metaphysical interpretation of the bands current goals “You gotta be careful with success, after all it’s got the word “Suck” in it. That should tell you something!” Even though that’s not true, we get your point Joey! Famous or not, rumors abound that The Foshays first 4-song EP is on the horizon. Stay tuned in for more info over the next few weeks.

Being in garage band takes a lot of patience, endurance, and understanding. Three traits bassist for The Foshays, Joey Miece, has in spades. When rehearsal starts late, Joey starts later. When no one shows up to the show, he shows ‘em how it’s done. When the band bickers, he butters! When asked about his get-along style Joey responds wryly “As the bass player it’s my job to keep everybody in line by blurring the lines. Expectations are always hard to meet, and in the end it’s not usually worth meeting them if everyone is not on board. I just try to keep everyone happy by being painfully honest. Most people like honest opinions, if not, then they’re stupid.”

Joey says “It’s okay, still love you!”