Who Are The Foshays???

The Foshays are a cartoon rock band hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota. Created and produced by illustrator/designer BiL Sherman, this virtual groups mission is to get garage rock back on the charts and in turn become big rock stars. Their weekly goofy, sardonic, one panel comics can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

The Foshays Next Single All the Leaves

Harry, Joey, Franky, and Freddy are back again with another catchy hook driven rocker. The Minneapolis cartoon rock bands second single “All the Leaves” is a psyche stomp pop song about the frailties of interpersonal relationships. On YouTube now!


The Band

Harry, Joey, Franky, and Freddy embody the drive, naivety, frustrations, and crassness a good cartoon band needs to succeed. Harry Blessing (rhythm guitar, keyboards, and lead vocals) is the always optimistic entertainer of the group. As the frontman for The Foshays he is a force to be reckoned with, but off stage he is more vulnerable to suggestion and the blues. Joey Miece(bass) is the philosophical joiner who at times can be a bit of a slacker. Somewhat of a class clown he often shakes up the power structure of the group by blasting holes in the other members pretentious conceits. Franky Foshay(lead guitar, vocals) is the workhorse artist who tries too hard to be understood by his careless band mates. His focus is always on the message and meaning of The Foshays. At times he can be a bit pretentious but he often is the one that does the work and gets the job done. Freddy Foshay(drums)is the sarcastic materialistic type who constantly acts as a foil to his brothers efforts.  Although Freddy can often be bratty and selfish he is the most intent on the bands success. He wants stardom and all the spoils that go along with it.  Together they work, play, and squabble about in the studio and online, finishing their first album and fighting obscurity in the monstrously huge music industry.

The Foshay Sound

Get to Work Franky!

The Foshays are inspired by the early sounds of rock ‘n’ roll. They love bands like The Music Machine, The Monks, The Cars, Cheap Trick, Slade, The Ramones, The Equals, Redd Kross, The Kinks, The Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the Monkees.  No song over three minutes is the Foshay way. The music is direct and fun, but no love songs or other typical pop song idioms. Instead they write songs that are sarcastic, bratty and often speak to the more unsatisfying side to of interpersonal relationships. It’s bubblegum rock ‘n’ roll for the era of social media. For example, The Foshays first single “Til it’s Gone” is a song about how a good friendship can go bad due to thoughtless behavior and pointless boasting. Sonically the song is a hook laden wall of sound and a stomp beat to make you dance. Spoofing record collectors videos on YouTube, the motion graphic music video features a morphing 45 record player bursting at the seams with graphics and typography. “Til’ it’s Gone” is a mix of old and new, bratty and angry, and at the same time resolute and positive. Rehearsal went well last night.

Behind the Scenes

BiL Sherman, and his real life band Mannequins on Welfare, are busy producing this virtual bands material. They are currently in the studio wrapping up the final tracks for The Foshay’s first album “Not So Now.” The Foshays next single “All the Leaves” is set to be released early 2018.

Follow the Foshay’s on Twitter. Like their page on Facebook. Download their songs for free at Bandcamp. Watch there videos on their YouTube channel.