Songwriting Superstar Duo: Harry Blessing and Franky Foshay

With influences ranging from 60s Stomp and Bubble Gum to Heavy Metal and New Wave these two never seem to run out of ideas for their songs. How do they do it? “Repeating words and phrases over and over works good because it sounds cool and you don’t have to write as much” states frontman Harry Blessing.  Franky Foshay admits he has a few tricks up his sleave as well “I always like to use a double negative to confuse the listener ‘what’s he talking about? He’s crazy mannnn!’ Plus misspelling wurds iz kool!” When pressed further the boys take a serious tone, Franky explains “We like to write about the negative and confusing parts of life and make fun fast pop rock songs that more or less celebrate those ‘negative’ feelings as something we all share.” Harry chimes in “Yeah, it’s kinda like our bratty version of the blues. It’s gotta be a simple message, short and sweet, easy to relate to” Well if you can relate, check out The Foshays First two singles on SoundCloud below.

I got no song ideas todayNo Harry

Check out The Foshays first two singles on SoundCloud.