Social Media Gives Freddy Foshay Reason to Pause

We don’t know exactly what hung up Freddy Foshay for almost 4 and half minutes last Friday night, but sources say it was a doozy! “Yeah, we were going to go get tacos, but he was like really upset and stuff, so I grabbed my phone and was like ‘whatever’ and waited until he was done, “stated band mate Joey Miece. “He does this all the time actually, last time he went on a jag, he spent an hour criticizing cat videos for not being ‘cute enough’ for the internet. I was like ‘it’s not that big of a deal’ and he was like ‘Yes it was!’” Lead singer, Harry Blessing has a “live, and let live” philosophy toward Freddy’s online obsessions “Gotta let Freddy be Freddy-Yo! Besides, last time I tried to get him to put down his phone, he bit me!” Brother and defecto leader of The Foshays, Franky Foshay, couldn’t be more resolute, “My brother, Freddy Foshay, is an idiot, and everything he posts is utterly ridiculous!”  Opinions may vary on Freddy’s lack of discretion, but we may never know exactly what gave him pause Friday night. Likely his tweets and posts have been lost in a deluge of other tweets and posts, as the internet swirls ever inward, down the drain.

Freddy Foshay on social media