The Foshays to be on Wax Fall 2018 can officially confirm that The Foshays first 4 song EP will be out fall 2018! The release will contain remastered versions of their first two singles, “Til it’s Gone” and “All the Leaves,” plus two more tracks from the Not So Now sessions, “Get Me to Normal” and “Wuts Wrong With You.” Also included, a 12 page comic book chronicling the bands first show in Minneapolis. When asked about this new venture, the band’s response was quick, “It’s about time the world felt the power of comics and rock n roll, in an easy consumable product!” Shouts defacto band leader Franky Foshay. “I’m sorry I’m so excited! I’ve been up all night mixing the new album! and drank a pot of coffee! and ate a whole box of Little Debbie’s! A WHOLE BOX!!!” Bad boy bummer drummer and brother Freddy Foshay is a little more casual, “It’s ok, comics are cool I guess. I’m glad it’ll be out by Christmas.” Front man Harry Blessing and bass man Joey Miece keep the faith “This has been an amazing process, We’re so excited for the fans to see all our hard work, because with out them we would be here.” gushes Blessing. Miece chimes in “Yeah totally! I wasn’t sure at first because nobody told me about it until last week, but now that I know about it, I think it’s pretty sweet!” Follow this space for more info on The Foshays first EP in the coming months!

Franky and Freddy debate