Harry and Joey Meet Freddy Foshays High Standards

I know it’s hard to believe but Harry Blessing and Joey Miece, two members of The Foshays have finally impressed their mouthy drummer Freddy Foshay! “It’s such a big accomplishment, I never thought I’d see the day! I’m so proud of them!” Stated Freddy late Wednesday night after the bands scheduled rehearsal. “They were doing all the right things. Getting my beverages, laughing at all my insanely funny jokes, and waiting patiently while I was messaging between songs, but when they took my side against my stupid brother, I knew had my crew!” When questioned about these acts of suck-upitude, Harry had a slightly different take “Freddy is our special little guy! It’s important that he feels important.” Joey adds “We find it’s easier to work with him when we just go along with his shenanigans, and besides he’s so cute when he’s a petulant turd!”

That was a test... and you guys passed