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The Foshays current events.

All the Leaves just got an awesome review from Dancing About Architecture. We love it.

Last time out The Foshays offered us a slice of Stax fuelled mutant punk-soul with ‘Til it’s Gone, this time the Minneapolis cartoon rock band revel in a 60’s psyche-pop stomp that feels less like the pastiche machinations of the lives of Jellyfish and Redd Kross and more like the genuine article. It is as if someone had recently unearthed long lost tapes from a studio who worked with bands who never quite got their break…. (read more click below)

Scene and Heard – CCXXXXV : All The Leaves – The Foshays (reviewed by Dave Franklin)


Well like or not Foshays with a new updated website and a new single out get ready for the game to be changed!
Harry Blessing "Y'all ready for a game changer"

Here are the three videos on our Youtube video channel so far. All the Leaves, Til’ it’s Gone, and Sunglass (Demo).


All the Leaves

The Foshays next single, All the Leaves, release date is set for Jan. 30 2018. You can get a sneak preview on their YouTube channel right now! The band is super excited for you to hear their latest effort. When asked why it took six months for the second single to be released, Franky Foshay retorted “we’re doing this by ourselves dip wad, what do you expect!” His brother, and mega drummer, Freddy Foshay chimed in with “who the hell are you? Where’s your video loser?!” OUCH! Harry Blessing, the consummate front man, tried to explain the bands current situation “This song really means a lot to the band, and it was important we got it just right for the fans, we are after all doing this for the fans, were nothing without their likes and shares” Joey Miece, the prophetic bass man adds “It’s really the best thing we done… this and the last single are the best things we done so far, yeah I totally agree with that!” Ok, You don’t care what we think. So you’re doing this for the fans and this song is the best thing you’ve ever done but so is the last single.  Got it!


Released 8/8/17 The Foshays first single “Til’ It’s Gone.”  Watch the video on YouTube, down load the song on Bandcamp today!

Oh no! Harry’s cat has made a video with out The Foshays approval! This better not happen again!
Bad Kitty

Oh well Franky, time to get to work! We have faith you’ll get the album done!

Get to Work Franky!

Rehearsal went well last night.
Rehearsal went well last night.

The gang are still tracking these days. But they’re never too busy for pepperoni and pineapple!