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BiL Sherman: Artist, designer, musician, and cartoonist. Born, raised, lives and works in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Are you ready for the next big thing? The game changer of all game changers? Or do you just want take a shIt? Well either way The Foshays has got you covered. Harry Blessing is the always optimistic front man, who can’t wait to exploit the current pop cause. BUT “Old School Freddy” (at least that’s what his grandma calls him) can’t be bothered with such tripe. He’s over it before it’s even started. He’s under it before it’s even over. You may think that you have got him covered, but he could care less.  Harry, on the other hand, will cradle you to bed with sweet dreams and self affirming rock n roll rhythms, Freddy, just wants punch you in the face with his drums!

Oh boy I can't wait not to care.

Oh Freddy! Don’t take it personal. Just because Franky’s voice is an atonal cacophony of random complaints and criticism, doesn’t mean he has anything in common death metal… I mean… uh wait a minute, let me rephrase that… Just because Franky’s soulless heart is filled with black muck that looks like oil from your car after 8683 miles … uhhhhhhhh… no that’s not right. One more time… Your brother, Franky Foshay, may be annoying… NO! I mean just take the time to listen to your brother. He cares about you and has the best intentions. Really he does!Death Metal

Sometimes you need to do something different. Move past the horizon and try to see the unseen. Foshay frontman, Harry Blessing, knows this instinct better than most. Luckily he’s in the Rock n Roll business, where one is expected to produce the predictably unexpected.   So don’t worry people, there are still mysteries out there to be demystified, and Mr. Blessing is more than willing to lead the way.Harry testing a theory

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‘Til it’s Gone Screenshot Poster

Now Franky has stepped in it for reals. He only wanted to have an innocent little band meeting where the group could listen to him pontificate about his dreams and scattered expectations for rock and roll excellence. Now he’s in the dregs having to deal with the real nuts-and-bolts issues of being in a creative unit. Oh well Franky you asked for it, and besides, Joey poses an important question here. Just tell him you’ll give it some thought and pat him on the head.

As you can see, there is a reason why no rock group (other than Bad Company) has had a successful band meeting. The assumed leader of The Foshays, Franky Foshay, already fumbled hard with a long diatribe about wearing black on stage, and something about the band needing to communicate more. YUCK!!! And now we find Freddy Foshay creating fractures that will surely lead to a breakdown in communications. Bass dude Joey Miece is only to eager to jump on board this kavetch-train. We haven’t heard from Harry yet, but it’s not looking good for The Foshays first (SIGH!) band meeting.

Rhythm section

The Foshays have been busy developing their first long form comic that will be included in an upcoming vinyl release(more details on that later.) The work is almost done and the boys couldn’t be happier with the results, “I always knew our band would be a perfect subject for a toss off promo like this.” states sarcastic drummer Freddy Foshay. Bassman Joey Miece chimes in “It’s cool to see our lives come to life on the page! I had no idea somebody was drawing us… How’d they do that???” Joey might be confused about the process, but guitarist and songwriter Franky Foshay has a more focused view “Once people read about the highs and lows of being in a Minneapolis garage band, we’ll get the respect we deserve!” Frontman Harry Blessing rounds out the group, “We’ve really worked hard on this, and it’ll all be worth it when the fans can see it and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for them!” OK you can stop gushing Harry, we get it. We think the fans will love it too.

Below is a preview of the boys first long form comic “Gig Hex”The Foshays Gig Hex excerpt The Foshays Gig Hex excerpt

Every band wants to feel successful, hence the desire for the “Band Meeting.” Franky Foshay being the leader type is first to throw his two cents worth. I sure hope the other Foshays are listening, because I surely am not.

Franky’s dilemma

Every band attempts this mighty feat, and all except Bad Company have failed. Usually when a band mate says “we should have a band meeting” it’s because they passive-aggressively don’t want to say something directly to another band mate, or someone has a pompous idea that EVERYONE MUST adhere to. Unfortunately The Foshay’s are at this awkward stage in a band’s development. Watch this space over the next month to find where Franky, Joey, Freddy, and Harry fall on the issues that are sort of confronting the Foshays. I mean really?! They’re just a garage band from Minneapolis MN. How much could they have to discuss?

Band meeting

The Foshays are currently working on a new project to promote their next single “Get Me to Normal.” We can’t reveal much at this date, but we can tell you the project will include the boys in their first long-form comic. “We’re excited to show our fans we can keep their attention for more than one panel!” lead singer Harry Blessing exclaims. “Yeah we’re more than a bunch of bad insults and vague one-liners!” Joey Miece, the bass man, chimes in. “We believe our next single is gonna be the best so far and we want to give people a reason to hear it.” explains Franky Foshay. Brother and, bummer drummer, Freddy Foshay makes the final pitch, “I’m real confidant people will see the real Foshays being real in this real-life drama about a real band doing real things! Really I am… Really!!!” Okay Freddy don’t shout, we hear ya! More updates to come!

In the rehearsal studio. A scene from The Foshays upcoming comic.
In the rehearsal studio. A scene from The Foshays upcoming comic.
Introducing The Foshay Van: A Ford Econoline circa 1992