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BiL Sherman: Artist, designer, musician, and cartoonist. Born, raised, lives and works in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Have you had the kind of week where expectations were high but resources were low? A lot of Uhhhh-pinions but no Uhhhh-deas? Not willing to accept the same old same old? Harry and Franky have the words to soothe yer soul. “But Hey! Not Today!” Use these words in good spirits to cast away the bad one and get something done today!But Hey Not Today

With all the recent social and political upheavals lately, The Foshays have the perfect response for all the crusty old fogeys out there in world trying to stop change. “Not So Now!” Emphasize “Not” it sounds like its “not happening now.”  Emphasize “So” it sounds like it’s not contemporary. Emphasize the “Now” it sounds like “Not So” is the mode of apparatus. All of which applies. Take time to consider which “Not So Now”  you are feeling when watching the news, checking your feeds, or listening to your friend complain. The Foshays want to wish you all a happy International Woman’s Day! Not so Now

The Foshays really really “Like” you. Why? Because! That’s why! Yer totally awesome in every way. That thing you did was so cool and stuff! And yer so smart cuz you like The Foshays too! So don’t ever change baybee. We “ Like” ya the way you are!

The Foshays have a new promo on YouTube. Featuring panels from their online web series and a raw version of the song Rolling Eyes sans the vocals. It’s a fun quick romp through the comics that have been posted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Check it out!


Yeah Franky be careful, after all Freddy has very delicate tone deaf ears!

Yes The Foshays can’t be stopped on their trail to the top! Check out their first two singles, now on Soundcloud!

Fresh Out of the Booth

We just got a kick ass review from Fresh Out of the Booth.



Thanks SBS for an awesome on point review of our work.  Harry, Joey, Franky, and Freddy are giddy with excitement to hear the Podcast. Cheers!

The Foshays – “All The Leaves”

All the Leaves just got an awesome review from Dancing About Architecture. We love it.

Last time out The Foshays offered us a slice of Stax fuelled mutant punk-soul with ‘Til it’s Gone, this time the Minneapolis cartoon rock band revel in a 60’s psyche-pop stomp that feels less like the pastiche machinations of the lives of Jellyfish and Redd Kross and more like the genuine article. It is as if someone had recently unearthed long lost tapes from a studio who worked with bands who never quite got their break…. (read more click below)

Scene and Heard – CCXXXXV : All The Leaves – The Foshays (reviewed by Dave Franklin)