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BiL Sherman: Artist, designer, musician, and cartoonist. Born, raised, lives and works in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Honestly I can’t fault The Foshay’s not-to-trot drummer, Freddy Foshay, for being late. These days everything seems to be a little slow. Once again Minneapolis is covered in snow. Anybody who’s in a band in the upper Midwest is slipping and sliding, and most likely running behind. Even though Freddy is well known for his ungodly tardiness, I’m giving him a pass this month. I might be a little late too, hope you understand.

Sometimes the most simplest concepts pass us by, but not our favorite bass player Joey Miece. He’s always on point with logic, honesty, and dare I say “love?” After all, no matter what Joey says, or does, he’s damn cute! Lead singer of The Foshays, Harry Blessing, knows all to well the disappointment and/or confusion of standing in the shadow of Joey’s brilliant observations. You think it’s going to be about you, but it’s usually about something bigger than all of us put together. Harry knows to relent when he’s been beat. Roll over when he’s been rocked, or when Joey is an adorable wise ass!

This post is dedicated to all the bands doing a show tonight in the snowy apple that is Minneapolis.

Finally facing facts, Joey Miece realized he was in over his head. Instead of dealing with a mopey roommate/bandmate from here to eternity, he decided to throw in the towel and give back Harry’s beloved shades. Lucky for Joey, Foshay frontman Harry Blessing is a more than a good sport. He’s a delusional upside down ass-hat of a good sport. Unfortunately Harry’s black cat will never understand his owners motives, not that anyone was listening to his “feline verbalizations.” Thanks for reading! More next Week!

Joey gives Harry his sunglasses back

If you have been following this blog as of late, you might have noticed we have been mired in the “Missing Sunglass Saga” where bass man Joey Miece has kyped lead singer, Harry Blessing, shades. Harry has definitely dug himself into a hole, if only he would turn around and lift his greasy bangs, he would find his best friend and roommate has them on his shaggy head. His black cat is desperately trying to pull him back from the brink, but to no avail. Harry only buries himself further with a pathetic attempt at suicide. Will Joey come clean and rescue his friend from this sad display and reveal it was all just a silly joke, or will he let Harry writhe in pain for the rest of his life?

The saga of Harry Blessings lost sunglasses continues as Joey Miece looks on knowing full well that he is the cause of his band mates turmoil. Why can’t Harry just turn around and see the light? Well the excuse that the “world looks like a shitty pissed stained diaper” without sunglasses is a pretty good one. Unfortunately if Harry can’t face the truth he’ll be forced to go down the stoney end, spiraling out of control forever.

For the past few weeks we’ve been following Harry Blessing, frontman for the rock band The Foshays, slowly devolve as he comes to the realization that he has lost his sunglasses. Alas! It’s only his best friend, and bass bud Joey Miece, who has pranked him. The only witness to this whole affair is Harry’s black cat, who tries to advocate for Harry but is pretty much helpless. Rumor has it, Joey is more of a “dog person” than a “cat person.” It wouldn’t matter anyways because Harry trashed the living room frantically searching for his plastic spectacles through his greasy bangs, and now the damage has been done! Or has it!.. been done, that is. Ummmmm… well anyways! find out next week if this prank still has legs, or arms, or a head for that matter.

Harry freaks out. Joey tells cat to shut up

Joey Miece knows his best friend Harry Blessing all to well. They’re not only roommates and both members of the Minneapolis underground garage band, The Foshays, they’re also best friends. So when Joey kyped Harry’s sunglasses as a practical joke, he knew what was bound to happen. Poor gullible Harry would experience high anxiety and a total loss of self worth, as he searches inward for what is literally right in front of him. Joey only rubs it in by offering hackneyed sage advice, as Harry’s black cat protests. Harry’s pain is legitimate because we all know “there’s nothing worse than loosing a pair of sunglasses,” but hopefully he can find his way through the harrowing maze of Joeys fiendish prank and  life can return to normal, with many good lessons learned.

Joey steals Harry’s Sunglasses

It’s a well known fact that lead singer of The Foshays, Harry Blessing, loves his sunglasses. His best buddy, and fellow band mate, Joey Miece, is more than willing to exploit this personality quirk for his own amusement. Will poor gullible Harry peer through his greasy bangs to see that his most trusted friend is just pulling a silly prank on him? Or will he go down the stony end? Will Harry’s black cat convince Joey to stop this insanity and return the spectacles to the face of his beloved person? Or will Joey carry on this stupid joke forever in a crazed prank haze? Find out next time!

Joey steals Harry’s Sunglasses

Harry Blessing and Joey Miece are not just bandmates in the rock band The Foshays, they are also roommates and best friends. With that in mind, a prank or two should be expected in this relationship, and Oh Boy! Joey pulled a doozy the other day when he kyped Harry’s sunglasses! Watch this spot and witness the whole debacle along with Harry’s black cat, who tries his best to convince Joey to stop his wrong doing, and leave his human alone. Will this threaten the fabric of Harry and Joeys friendship, or will kitty cat show Joey the light, and save his human from the fear and scarring pain from loosing ones sunglasses.

Joey steals Harry’s Sunglasses