Harry Blessing begins to unravel as Joey’s prank goes live

Joey Miece knows his best friend Harry Blessing all to well. They’re not only roommates and both members of the Minneapolis underground garage band, The Foshays, they’re also best friends. So when Joey kyped Harry’s sunglasses as a practical joke, he knew what was bound to happen. Poor gullible Harry would experience high anxiety and a total loss of self worth, as he searches inward for what is literally right in front of him. Joey only rubs it in by offering hackneyed sage advice, as Harry’s black cat protests. Harry’s pain is legitimate because we all know “there’s nothing worse than loosing a pair of sunglasses,” but hopefully he can find his way through the harrowing maze of Joeys fiendish prank and  life can return to normal, with many good lessons learned.

Joey steals Harry’s Sunglasses