Freddy Foshay brings apathy to it’s most relevant peak in decades

Are you ready for the next big thing? The game changer of all game changers? Or do you just want take a shIt? Well either way The Foshays has got you covered. Harry Blessing is the always optimistic front man, who can’t wait to exploit the current pop cause. BUT “Old School Freddy” (at least that’s what his grandma calls him) can’t be bothered with such tripe. He’s over it before it’s even started. He’s under it before it’s even over. You may think that you have got him covered, but he could care less.  Harry, on the other hand, will cradle you to bed with sweet dreams and self affirming rock n roll rhythms, Freddy, just wants punch you in the face with his drums!

Oh boy I can't wait not to care.