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The saga of Harry Blessings lost sunglasses continues as Joey Miece looks on knowing full well that he is the cause of his band mates turmoil. Why can’t Harry just turn around and see the light? Well the excuse that the “world looks like a shitty pissed stained diaper” without sunglasses is a pretty good one. Unfortunately if Harry can’t face the truth he’ll be forced to go down the stoney end, spiraling out of control forever.

For the past few weeks we’ve been following Harry Blessing, frontman for the rock band The Foshays, slowly devolve as he comes to the realization that he has lost his sunglasses. Alas! It’s only his best friend, and bass bud Joey Miece, who has pranked him. The only witness to this whole affair is Harry’s black cat, who tries to advocate for Harry but is pretty much helpless. Rumor has it, Joey is more of a “dog person” than a “cat person.” It wouldn’t matter anyways because Harry trashed the living room frantically searching for his plastic spectacles through his greasy bangs, and now the damage has been done! Or has it!.. been done, that is. Ummmmm… well anyways! find out next week if this prank still has legs, or arms, or a head for that matter.

Harry freaks out. Joey tells cat to shut up

Joey Miece knows his best friend Harry Blessing all to well. They’re not only roommates and both members of the Minneapolis underground garage band, The Foshays, they’re also best friends. So when Joey kyped Harry’s sunglasses as a practical joke, he knew what was bound to happen. Poor gullible Harry would experience high anxiety and a total loss of self worth, as he searches inward for what is literally right in front of him. Joey only rubs it in by offering hackneyed sage advice, as Harry’s black cat protests. Harry’s pain is legitimate because we all know “there’s nothing worse than loosing a pair of sunglasses,” but hopefully he can find his way through the harrowing maze of Joeys fiendish prank and  life can return to normal, with many good lessons learned.

Joey steals Harry’s Sunglasses

It’s a well known fact that lead singer of The Foshays, Harry Blessing, loves his sunglasses. His best buddy, and fellow band mate, Joey Miece, is more than willing to exploit this personality quirk for his own amusement. Will poor gullible Harry peer through his greasy bangs to see that his most trusted friend is just pulling a silly prank on him? Or will he go down the stony end? Will Harry’s black cat convince Joey to stop this insanity and return the spectacles to the face of his beloved person? Or will Joey carry on this stupid joke forever in a crazed prank haze? Find out next time!

Joey steals Harry’s Sunglasses

Harry Blessing and Joey Miece are not just bandmates in the rock band The Foshays, they are also roommates and best friends. With that in mind, a prank or two should be expected in this relationship, and Oh Boy! Joey pulled a doozy the other day when he kyped Harry’s sunglasses! Watch this spot and witness the whole debacle along with Harry’s black cat, who tries his best to convince Joey to stop his wrong doing, and leave his human alone. Will this threaten the fabric of Harry and Joeys friendship, or will kitty cat show Joey the light, and save his human from the fear and scarring pain from loosing ones sunglasses.

Joey steals Harry’s Sunglasses

If you happen to see Freddy Foshay out on the town, you might wanna introduce yourself. Sources say the manic drummer of the rock band The Foshays has been in positive mood as of late. Maybe it’s because The Foshays first EP is coming out the fall/winter. Maybe it’s because he punked his brother, Franky Foshay, earlier that day, or maybe he wants to show off his new Turbo iPhone XXX-8000S. Whatever the reason for this optimistic turn, you can always count on Freddy for some social grease to moisten your evening.

Freddy Foshay says “Hey man!

Rumor has it that The Foshays have come down with a bad case of the “Blahs!” No one knows exactly why the band has been in such a state, but with all the music and video production as of late it seems the group needs a vacation. When questioned about the bands lack of interest as of late, frontman Harry Blessing stated emphatically “Blah!” Bass player Joey Miece could agree more and added “Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!” Franky and Freddy Foshay couldn’t be found to “Blah” we know that if they “Blah! Blah! Blah!” and “Blah! Blah! Blah!” The Foshays will “Blah!” There way back to the top!

Harry Blessing says “Blah!”Franky and Freddy Foshay say “Blah!”Joey Miece says “Blah!”

I know it’s hard to believe but Harry Blessing and Joey Miece, two members of The Foshays have finally impressed their mouthy drummer Freddy Foshay! “It’s such a big accomplishment, I never thought I’d see the day! I’m so proud of them!” Stated Freddy late Wednesday night after the bands scheduled rehearsal. “They were doing all the right things. Getting my beverages, laughing at all my insanely funny jokes, and waiting patiently while I was messaging between songs, but when they took my side against my stupid brother, I knew had my crew!” When questioned about these acts of suck-upitude, Harry had a slightly different take “Freddy is our special little guy! It’s important that he feels important.” Joey adds “We find it’s easier to work with him when we just go along with his shenanigans, and besides he’s so cute when he’s a petulant turd!”

That was a test... and you guys passed

We don’t know exactly what hung up Freddy Foshay for almost 4 and half minutes last Friday night, but sources say it was a doozy! “Yeah, we were going to go get tacos, but he was like really upset and stuff, so I grabbed my phone and was like ‘whatever’ and waited until he was done, “stated band mate Joey Miece. “He does this all the time actually, last time he went on a jag, he spent an hour criticizing cat videos for not being ‘cute enough’ for the internet. I was like ‘it’s not that big of a deal’ and he was like ‘Yes it was!’” Lead singer, Harry Blessing has a “live, and let live” philosophy toward Freddy’s online obsessions “Gotta let Freddy be Freddy-Yo! Besides, last time I tried to get him to put down his phone, he bit me!” Brother and defecto leader of The Foshays, Franky Foshay, couldn’t be more resolute, “My brother, Freddy Foshay, is an idiot, and everything he posts is utterly ridiculous!”  Opinions may vary on Freddy’s lack of discretion, but we may never know exactly what gave him pause Friday night. Likely his tweets and posts have been lost in a deluge of other tweets and posts, as the internet swirls ever inward, down the drain.

Freddy Foshay on social media

Over the past few weeks reports have been coming in that Franky Foshay, guitarist and defacto leader of the rock band The Foshays, is sick of going out. Brother, and drummer extraordinaire, Freddy Foshay has a few thoughts on why his sibling is acting the loner these days, “Franky has always been an overly sensitive dip-wad. He’s probably mad because he’s having a ‘bad mustache day’ or something.” Harry Blessing, lead singer and co songwriter has a different take on Franky absence from the scene “It’s true Franky can be the sensitive type but don’t count him out yet! After all he owes me five dollars and he knows I really really really need it, so I’m sure I’ll see him soon. You think?” So far Franky has not been available for comment, but we’ve left several messages on his voice mail.

Frank Foshay says “I’ll go if it’s not a big deal but it’s a big deal I’m not going”